Wight Shipyard Co

Manufacturing Structure is Shipshape for the Shipyard

The challenge

With business booming in 2019, Wight Shipyard Co required additional manufacturing space to build more boats at their already very busy shipyard.


The solution

To design & install a fully bespoke fabric structure on their existing site with floor to ceiling doors that could accommodate large vessels.

Key facts 

Project overview

Wight Shipyard Co is Europe’s leading high-speed craft and aluminium ship builder.  With business booming in 2019, they required an additional structure to be installed on their existing premises, which would enable them to double their boat building capacity.

The job was unique for so many reasons, not least of all because the summer of that year was insanely hot and made conditions on the already very busy yard particularly challenging.  Built using a 200 tonne crane, owing to limited access, the completely bespoke, fabric building included retractable, cladded doors scaling to full height and weighing four tonnes each.  At (W)25m x (L)35m x (H)9m, that is no mean feat!  Side-wall lighting, 3m from the ground at a 45 degree angle, combined with a single strip across the top, finished off this distinctive project.