Temporary industrial storage can be a great investment because it can change alongside your business and ensure you have the space you need at any given time.  Domes and portable modular buildings are excellent in this regard and offer a range of advantages over permanent structures.  They are cost effective and can be adapted whenever necessary, meaning you never need to deal with too much or too little space.

Portable modular buildings are very lightweight and can be erected in a very short span of time.  The frames are made from galvanised steel because it is light, strong and corrosion resistant.  The material has an outstanding strength to weight ratio so the structure will be sturdy and durable, resisting various loads placed on it by the weather.

We are one of the leading providers of temporary buildings and other storage solutions in the UK, offering a wide array of different options to cater for a broad number of requirements.  We can provide a bespoke solution to suit your criteria, whether you are in need of a dome, a canopy or a modular building.  We can offer all three of these in all manner of dimensions, producing different lengths, widths and heights.  Structures can even feature telescopic roofs if crane access is a requirement.

All of our products are made with the best quality materials to ensure they deliver maximum performance.  We monitor every aspect of each structure throughout the entire manufacturing process, maintaining our stringent standards and fulfilling all the needs of our clients.

Whatever your needs, we are confident we can cater for them.  We can offer solutions to extend buildings, join them together or create new free-standing ones.  We can devise the right temporary industrial storage for the layout of your site, manufacture it to the highest standards and get everything installed.  We provide a comprehensive service and can even work with you to design the structure if you want to have more input into the overall layout and design.