Expanding an industrial operation can be a costly process, whether you are buying additional machinery, hiring new staff or creating extra storage facilities for raw materials and finished products.  The costs need to be carefully calculated to ensure the business has the finances to facilitate the expansion.  The potential rewards should also be considered to make sure the plan is a smart one and will provide long term benefits.

One way to reduce costs is to choose temporary structures for storage rather than building permanent constructions or expanding the existing property.  A permanent structure or extension will require planning permission and much higher levels of investment.  It will also take longer to complete the process, providing more disruption for your existing operations and increasing the potential problems that could occur.  When you opt for a temporary warehouse structure, you will get a fast, low cost solution.

Temporary buildings for industrial storage come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from small ones to large scale, warehouse or hanger style structures.  They offer a great deal of flexibility because you can choose the size you want and where you can position them too.  With permanent structures, you will be limited in terms of positioning depending on the type of terrain you are dealing with.

Prefabricated temporary industrial storage facilities have many advantages, most notably the fact that they can be erected very quickly.  This means that you can carry out the expansion rapidly, reducing the cost and disruption of a longer period of construction.  The sections of the buildings will be manufactured off site and delivered ready to be put straight up with minimal fuss.

At CopriSystems we have a wealth of experience designing, manufacturing and installing temporary storage buildings for the industrial sector.  We can provide structures to house all kinds of machinery, vehicles and stock, as well as satisfying a variety of special requests.

We design each building with care to ensure it meets the requirements of our clients, including their choice of layout, whether vehicles will be moving around inside, and other important details.  It is our aim to provide structures that will deliver fantastic value for as long as they are needed.