Prefabricated buildings offer an ideal storage solution for a wide range of applications from industrial to sports, and as specialist suppliers we deliver quality products every time. We regularly supply our containers and structures to clients in need of temporary warehouses, extra storage facilities, containers, covers or surrounds for sports clubs and pitches.

We aim to provide a flexible and convenient service that meets all individual requirements. We know that if your requirements are temporary, it makes little sense to invest in a permanent building you are not likely to need in the future. As a result, we offer versatile financing options and the choice of temporary building hire or purchase.

Hiring a structure from us allows you to save money and take advantage of the short term benefits. Businesses often need additional storage when expanding their operation. By utilising temporary facilities and containers, you can implement your changes while simultaneously avoiding downtime and keeping everything running smoothly.

Temporary building hire can also be the best choice if you are looking for protective coverings for sports pitches throughout the winter months. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts maintain training regimes all year round, and with our covers you can offer warm, dry and fully functioning facilities throughout the spring. We can easily meet all requirements whether you wish to rent in the short term or for longer periods.

If your needs are more permanent, you may wish to consider purchasing a prefabricated structure. When you opt to buy you have full control over structural specifications and layout. You can assess your precise needs and make sure the dimensions, fitting and interior elements offer you every advantage. Our skilled team will then construct your building to offer the long term storage solution you are looking for. Entrust your temporary and permanent requirements to us and we will provide you with a dependable and cost-effective service.