Designing a multi sport facility

Nov 23, 2017Sports

Covered sports facilities bring many benefits.  The fact that they are covered will allow sportspeople and teams to use the pitches and courts more frequently, allowing you to bring in a higher income.  It also means sports can be played regardless of the weather, so you won’t find usage dropping off substantially during wetter or colder weather.  With added lights and temperature controls, you can create a facility that can be used around the clock, all year round.

If you are looking to make the biggest possible return for your investment, you may wish to invest in a multi sport cover.  With this kind of cover you can create a facility that allows a variety of different sports to be played, so you won’t be limited in terms of the requests you can cater for.

In order to create a space where a variety of different sports can be played, it is important that the cover has sufficient height and the correct dimensions.  The cover needs to be high enough to prevent it from being repeatedly struck by the ball or other equipment when people are playing.  The space must also be long and wide enough to satisfy the dimensions of different pitches and courts.

At CopriSystems we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing multi sport domes, tennis court covers, cricket covers and a wide range of other structural solutions.  We can offer solutions for all requirements, catering for different sites, dimensions and other specifications.  We can produce domes in a range of heights, spans from 12m to 50m and unlimited lengths.  Whether the setting is to be used for football, hockey, basketball, tennis or aerobics we can design a cover for you.

Alongside the dome we can also offer a comprehensive solution for the groundworks, playing surfaces, lights and heating.  Clients can rely on us to deliver a quality service and great value for money every time.  If you have any questions or would like details of our past projects feel free to contact us.  We will offer advice and share our experience with you.