Temporary buildings – UK weather & protecting goods

Damaged freight can cause a multitude of problems for UK businesses, including higher costs and the risk of losing out on repeat business.  Customers are unlikely to continue dealing with a company that doesn’t take good care of their products and delivers them in a less than satisfactory condition.  This could put the whole enterprise at risk.  To ensure all products are delivered safely it is important to store, load and unload them in suitable conditions with the use of temporary buildings

One of the most crucial times in the shipping process is when the items are loaded into lorries so shipments can be dispatched.  Products can be damaged heavily at this stage if care is not taken.  One thing to keep in mind is ensuring that the items aren’t exposed to the weather.  This can be achieved by packing them securely and keeping them away from water.  The easiest way to do this is to ensure the whole loading dock is covered.  Doing this will also help to keep employees safe because they won’t have to carry or marshal goods exposed to the seasonally bad weather in the UK.

Temporary Buildings UK

Permanent canopies and dock shelters create a covered area where goods can safely be marshalled to and from vehicles.  Both options will satisfy sheltering requirements and offer a wide range of additional benefits on top of them.  Lights can be incorporated into each one as and where necessary so the space is safe to work in.

At CopriSystems we are proud to offer a range of freight protection solutions including permanent canopies and dock shelters.  We can satisfy all kinds of specifications, catering for individual loading docks or a full side of a building.  All products are pre-fabricated and have minimal footings so installations can be completed very quickly, minimising disruption and ensuring you can meet your shipment needs.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to shelter freight, you can have complete confidence in us to provide it.  We serve clients across the UK with temporary buildings in a variety of industries and have extensive knowledge of distribution and logistics.  Contact us today for advice and to discuss your requirements.  We will advise you about the options we have and give our recommendations about which you should choose.