Who uses CopriSystems?

Who uses our prefabricated structures?


For anyone who is looking for an affordable and reliable semi-permanent or temporary building that can be quickly installed and customised to individual specifications, the prefabricated structures from CopriSystems are the ideal solution.


Manufactured with durable steel frames and available in a variety of configurations – such as canopies, domes and rigid structures – these buildings have been used in an array of applications.


Our structures have been used in projects ranging from industrial sites through to sports and leisure facilities.


What’s more, since the buildings can be tailor-made to exact requirements and fitted out with a variety of fixtures, they’re suitable for just about anyone looking for an easy way to add a new structure to their premises.


Industrial temporary buildings


In locations such as logistics centres, storage warehouses and manufacturing facilities, prefabricated structures can be used for a variety of purposes.


For example, temporary canopies may be used to increase storage space, or to provide some cover in wet weather. You could also opt for re-locatable buildings for a flexible solution for your industrial site.


Other options include rigid buildings, which can be used as secure warehousing facilities or as a way to expand a factory floor.


Loading dock shelters are also available in both telescopic and static designs.


Sports domes for multi-use games areas


As well as industrial locations, the prefabricated structures from CopriSystems have also been used as sports shelters in places such as leisure centres, training facilities and competitive sports grounds.


The range of domes is popular for covering multi-use games areas, swimming pools and tennis courts. They can be constructed in any length and in spans of up to 40 metres. Meanwhile, their tensile fabric roofs are made from PVC-coated polyester that is good looking and designed to provide a long lifespan.


Telescopic sports domes are also available, giving you the chance to open the facility up to sunshine during spells of good weather.


In addition, the range of rigid buildings can be a good choice if you’re looking to construct an attractive sports pavilion at your facility. The interiors of these can be fitted with your choice of walls, floors, lighting and other fixtures, while the outside can be designed to match other buildings


CopriSystems: temporary buildings for a wide range of uses


Here at CopriSystems, our technical expertise, design flexibility, manufacturing excellence and responsive service have made the company a leader in its field – and there are few other companies in Europe that offer such a wide range of services.


Whatever your situation, our re-locatable buildings are sure to provide a durable, reliable and quick-to-install solution that will suit the requirements of almost any project, no matter how complicated.


Alternatively, you can fill out our online form to get a quotation. In addition, be sure to check out our purchasing information to find out about our financing options.

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