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Football is the most popular sport in the UK, bringing people together in pubs and stadiums week after week, whether they’re watching a Conference League match or a vital Premier League game.


But it’s not just a spectator sport. Every day keen sportsmen, women and children take to football pitches across the country to play the beautiful game, whether for fun, fitness or competition.


According to the FA, more than four million people across England play small-sided football every year, with 1.2 million of those playing on a regular league or cup basis.


Of course the quality of the match often depends on the quality of the facilities, and participation in the sport depends on having well-maintained pitches where players can reach their full potential.


At CopriSystems Ltd, we can provide bespoke football domes for indoor five-a-side and futsal pitches, as well as telescopic domes for outdoor grounds.


Our domes are a great alternative to fixed buildings for indoor football facilities and provide total flexibility for clubs with outdoor pitches, offering protection against the elements and lighting for evening games.



Football Interconnecting steel domes


Football pitch layouts


The layout of a football pitch differs according to the game it caters for, with small-sided games being played on smaller pitches with varying surfaces and smaller goals.


FA guidelines state that five and six-a-side pitches should be a minimum of 25 metres in length and 16.5 metres in width, and a maximum of 50 metres by 35 metres. Seven-a-side pitches should be no smaller than 50 metres by 30 metres and no larger than 60 metres by 40 metres.


In both cases the pitch is divided into two halves by a halfway line, with a centre mark at the mid point. Unlike traditional eleven-a-side pitches, small-sided football pitches have semi-circle at each end to mark the penalty areas, instead of rectangular boxes.


Futsal is a version of indoor five-a-side football that has been officially sanctioned by the football world governing body FIFA. It remains fairly new to the UK, although the FA is actively supporting its growth.


It makes use of square goals instead of rectangular varieties, as well as a smaller ball, and the rules vary to make the game faster and more exciting.


Indoor and outdoor small-sided football pitches may have various surfaces, ranging from natural and artificial grass to linoleum and polymeric materials.


At CopriSystems Ltd, we can provide football domes to suit all types of indoor and outdoor facilities, including large outdoor eleven-a-side grounds and training facilities.


Football with Rebound Walls

Total weather protection


Unlike some sports, such as cricket for example, football doesn’t rely on fine, dry weather for play. Heavy rain, gale force winds and dark evenings can however put a dampener on practice sessions.


Football domes from CopriSystems keep players warm and dry in all seasons, and bespoke lighting solutions mean games can continue well into the night.


Our fixed domes are a great cost-effective alternative to permanent buildings for indoor football pitches and an ideal solution for outdoor small-sided football pitches.


For larger outdoor grounds, our telescopic football domes offer total flexibility. They can be pulled back quickly by hand or electrically in less than a minute if the weather takes a turn for the worse.


All our football structures are designed in accordance with British Standards Building Regulations for snow and wind loadings, and extra insulation in the form of second membrane skins can be added if needed.


Each dome is made from high-tensile steel, which is hot dip galvanised to offer protection against corrosion. Covers are made from flame-retardant, PVC-coated polyester fabric. Glulam wood frames are also available.


When it comes to doors, there are various options. Sliding side curtains are supplied as standard, but openings can also be fitted at the gable ends. This offers greater flexibility in windy conditions.





Buy or rent football domes from CopriSystems Ltd


If you’re building new indoor football facilities, or looking to enhance your existing pitches and training grounds with the addition of flexible, all-weather coverings, then CopriSystems Ltd can help.


We have been designing and manufacturing football domes for a quarter of a century and we can provide bespoke solutions designed to meet your exact requirements.


If you’d like further assistance on your football projects, let us know. We can act as a principal contractor to prepare the groundwork for you and fit out pavilions, surface courts and install lights and goals.


We also provide covers for cricket and football pitches, badminton courts, multi-use sports halls, tennis courts and basketball courts.


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