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A road tunnel under Stonehenge is one of scores of new road projects the government has announced across England, costing £15 billion.

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A guide to how renewable energy sources could have the potential to transform your business.

Could temporary structures hold the key to staging the Qatar World Cup?


Why temporary structures could be key to ensuring the Qatar World Cup runs smoothly.

Why security fences could hold the key to your event


How temporary structures could help security at outdoor events.

How temporary structures are helping Football League clubs develop


How temporary structures can be the key to helping lower league football clubs move forward.

Walkways, covers and ramps

Covered walkways and other prefabricated structures

As leaders in the field of prefabricated, relocatable and lightweight buildings, CopriSystems has been designing, supplying and installing structures tailored to clients' needs for 25 years.

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The benefits of covered walkways and ramps

There's no doubt that your customers, employees and anyone else who visits your premises will appreciate the shelter that a prefabricated walkway cover provides - especially in the winter months when these structures provide a dry route into the building, along pavements and on stairs and ramps.

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Which prefabricated walkway should you choose?

Since they are tailor made, prefabricated structures such as ramp and walkway covers can be constructed in any length necessary and we offer a bespoke service to ensure that the finished product suits your exact requirements.

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Off-site construction from CopriSystems

If you're looking for an attractive, effective and affordable way to cover a walkway or ramp, then the off-site construction options offered by CopriSystems could be the ideal choice.

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