Flexible logistics structures designed to keep freight dry and goods protected

Our logistics solutions can help you streamline your operations by allowing quick and efficient freight handling and providing a holding area for goods marshalling. What’s more, they enable better health and safety in the loading area, helping you meet regulatory requirements, and they can even help reduce heat loss in the factory or warehouse.

Logistics structures from CopriSystems can be adapted to most existing buildings, ensuring high levels of performance. They also need minimal footings, which brings down the time and cost of installation.

All-weather protection

When dealing with weather-sensitive goods such as paper products, or items sensitive to dirt and dust, it’s important to have the right covering structures in place.

A loading bay canopy provides all-weather protection against the elements, so you can eliminate the problem of water or wind damage and create a safer working environment for your staff.

All our products conform to British Standards BS EN 1991-1-3 and BS EN 1991-1-4 for snow and wind loadings.

Numerous industrial canopy options available

Logistics structures such as a loading bay canopy can be supplied in sizes and configurations to accommodate all your logistics requirements.

Whether you require a temporary tunnel style structure, a permanent wall-mounted canopy to create a roof between two buildings, or a hard-wearing foldaway dock shelter, we can meet your needs.

Our rearwall-mounted industrial canopies are ideal for loading bay applications and can be supplied with a range of door systems, from roller shutters to reinforced sliding front curtains.

We also provide sidewall-mounted canopies that suit drive-through logistics applications and are useful in areas where loading and unloading space is limited.

For larger operations, such as container loading, telescopic domes may be the answer. We offer fully retractable domes, as well as permanent structures that can accommodate their own loading bays and dock shelters.

We can even provide you with specialist lighting solutions for your industrial canopies to ensure your operations can continue at all times of the day or night.

Enabling e-commerce growth

Fast growing, e-commerce enabled businesses can see order volumes increase quickly and with little warning. Additionally the increase in free returns being offered to customers has added an additional challenge to logistics operations. Fulfilling this higher level of demand is often hampered by a basic challenge – space.

CopriSystems works with a wide range of e-commerce enabled businesses, proving them with flexible covered solutions which make maximum use of existing space, can be adapted in times of high demand and which can grow with the business.

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